We’re thrilled to present an exclusive first look into our enchanting Christmas family photoshoot experience at Carbon Canyon Regional Park.

A Vietnamese family gathers under the towering Redwoods for a festive Christmas photoshoot in Brea, CA

Holiday magic in the Redwoods: A Vietnamese family celebrates Christmas with a luxurious photoshoot in Carbon Canyon Regional Park

Christmas cheer among the giants: A Vietnamese family strikes a pose in the Redwoods of Brea's Carbon Canyon Regional Park

Capturing holiday memories: A Vietnamese family's elegant Christmas photoshoot amidst the Redwoods of Carbon Canyon Regional Park

In the heart of nature's Christmas wonderland: A Vietnamese family's luxurious photoshoot in the Redwoods of Brea, C

Festive elegance in the forest: A Vietnamese family celebrates Christmas surrounded by the Redwoods in Carbon Canyon Regional Park

Carbon Canyon Family Vendors

  • photo | D. Park Studios | @d.parkstudios
  • venue | Carbon Canyon Regional Park

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