Welcome, brides-to-be, to our exclusive sneak peek blog post featuring a captivating Vietnamese wedding celebration! Prepare to be enchanted as we delve into the heartfelt moments of a private home tea ceremony in Huntington Beach, followed by a splendid wedding ceremony and reception at Mon Cheri in Garden Grove, CA. And if you’re seeking impeccable wedding photo and film services, we have a recommendation that will undoubtedly leave you in awe—D. PARK STUDIOS.


Chapter 1:

The Intimate Tea Ceremony in Huntington Beach Picture yourself surrounded by the soothing ocean breeze and the serene beauty of a private home in Huntington Beach. This tranquil setting served as the backdrop for an intimate tea ceremony, where the couple honored their ancestors and celebrated their union with close family members. The warmth of heartfelt conversations, the fragrant aroma of tea, and the intricate rituals made this moment truly extraordinary.


Not to mention absolutely even more adorable with their furbaby, Meebo!


Mon Cheri 

As the sun dipped below the horizon, our enchanting journey took us to Mon Cheri, an exquisite wedding venue in Garden Grove, CA. With its elegant architecture, lush greenery, and impeccable service, Mon Cheri set the stage for a fairytale wedding. The exchange of vows beneath a beautifully adorned arch, surrounded by loved ones, created an atmosphere brimming with love and anticipation.


Capturing Timeless Memories with D. PARK STUDIOS A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and preserving those cherished memories is of utmost importance. That’s where D. PARK STUDIOS comes in. Known for their exceptional artistry and attention to detail, this talented team of photographers and videographers is dedicated to capturing the essence of your special day.

With D. PARK STUDIOS, every frame is meticulously composed, every emotion is beautifully captured, and every detail is immortalized in stunning visuals. Their ability to effortlessly blend creativity with authenticity is what sets them apart. From the breathtaking portraits to the candid moments of joy and laughter, their work will transport you back to your wedding day, evoking the same emotions you felt in that very moment.

A Vietnamese wedding filled with cultural traditions and heartfelt celebrations is a remarkable experience. From the intimate tea ceremony at a private home in Huntington Beach to the grandeur of Mon Cheri in Garden Grove, every moment was crafted with love and care. And when it comes to immortalizing these precious memories, D. PARK STUDIOS is the unparalleled choice.

So, dear brides, as you embark on your journey towards a beautiful wedding, remember the significance of preserving those cherished moments. With D. PARK STUDIOS, you can rest assured that every detail, every smile, and every tear will be immortalized in a way that truly reflects the essence of your love story.

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