SO BLESSED to share with you this had-us-crying-all-day incredibly precious and rustic romantic wedding of Ariel and Sean at The Barn at Aliso Viejo Ranch.

the love story (from this adorable couple)

Once upon a time, there were these two bozos that decided to use a dating app because they were lonely.

One day, the female bozo (let’s call her Ariel) decided she was done using the app after one date.

In the midst of attempting to delete the app, male bozo (let’s call him Sean) messages Ariel; in which she reads the message but does not respond immediately.

After almost 2 weeks, Ariel finally responds to Sean and he immediately set up a date.

This first date was no ordinary date; not only did he show up in shorts and Dad shoes (Ariel’s MOST despised choice in attire) but he also took her to go see the Minion’s movie.

This was after he accidentally ordered a comically large adult beverage from the cowboy bar nearby.

Tipsy and directionally challenged, Sean navigated the two of them to the movie theater where he proceeded to lay on the moves (holding hands during minion songs).

Ariel; annoyed by Sean’s shorts, wondered if anything real was actually going to transpire out of this date….

…But it did; and they got married.

the wedding day

A Filipino-Caucasian love story

Forever begins in this rustic haven

Tears of joy in the heart of Aliso Viejo

Happiness framed by wooden beams

A day painted with love and laughter.

Tender moments in an enchanting setting.

A barn filled with love and laughter

Celebrating love in every hue

Moments to cherish, memories to hold

Love knows no boundaries

In the warmth of family ties

Embracing traditions, weaving dreams

A blend of cultures, a lifetime of love

Romance in every petal and smile

Where vows echo through the timber

Whispers of forever in every corner

Underneath the stars, love shines brightest

Dancing through dreams, hand in hand

A symphony of love and laughter

Every detail tells their love story

Dancing into forever, heart to heart

Every moment etched in bliss

Eternal promises in a timeless setting

A story of love written in rustic charmTraditions entwined, hearts aligned

A dance floor filled with dreams

Heartfelt embraces beneath twinkling lights

A love story as beautiful as this setting

Their journey begins in this sacred space

Love's portrait painted in golden light

In the embrace of family and friends

Where love speaks louder than words

A blend of heritages, a tapestry of love

In the heart of Aliso Viejo, their forever.

Laughter echoes off weathered walls

Captured moments, treasured memories

A love as timeless as this barn

Two souls, one unforgettable day

From this day forward, together

A day filled with pure joy and emotion

Where dreams take flight in each other's arms

A journey of love beneath the oak trees

Rustic elegance and heartfelt promises

Love's journey captured in every frame

Their love story, etched in Aliso Viejo's heart

Fairy lights and forever love

Heritage celebrated, love illuminated


highlight film


Congratulations, Ariel and Sean! We love you and are so, so, so, so, so freakin’ happy you found each other. May God richly bless your adventures together – more minion fun, more laughter, more love.

Embrace the magic of their special day

With all our love,
The DPARK Family

Aliso Viejo Wedding Vendors

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