It was love at first call.

From our first call, I knew I’d love this couple. We bonded over romance, Twilight and Crash Landing on You. In fact, within 5 minutes the bride called me her wedding spirit animal. And I couldn’t wait for Elaine and David’s wedding day at VENUE by Three Petals!

the wedding

The enchanting Venue by Three Petals served as the perfect canvas for this love story. The sprawling gardens, elegant interiors, and the coastal charm of Huntington Beach created a dreamy atmosphere for our lens to capture every moment.

A stolen kiss between the newlyweds against the scenic backdrop of Three Petals.

getting ready

The Cartier ring was a cherished and gorgeous symbol of their union.

The bride's intricate and elegant Cartier wedding ring up close. The groom's stylish Cartier ring symbolizing eternal love and commitment.

blush pink orange county wedding vietnamese korean

@betseyjohnson added a touch of glamour with the bride’s choice of Betsey Johnson heels. The stylish footwear complemented the bride’s attire, adding a chic and fashionable element to her look.

The bride, adorned in Betsey Johnson heels, takes a graceful step.

@viviantranartistry enhanced the bride’s natural beauty with impeccable hair and makeup artistry, making sure she looked radiant throughout the day.

vietnamese bride's radiant beauty, accentuated by Vivian Tran Artistry's makeup.

The bride's breathtaking veil catching the ocean breeze at Huntington Beach.

The stunning floral arrangements by Casey Pham of Venue by Three Petals added a touch of elegance and romance to the venue. 

The bridal bouquet, a stunning arrangement of vibrant flowers by Casey Pham.

first look

Between mother and daughter

mother of the bride vietnamese first look orange county photographer

Between mother and son

korean groom, wearing a stylish boutonniere crafted by Casey Pham.

Between husband and wife – Cinderella vibes!

Ashley of Venue by Three Petals ensuring every detail falls into place.

A loving gaze exchanged between the bride and groom during their vows.

Behind the scenes, Ashley of Venue by Three Petals orchestrated the day flawlessly, ensuring that every detail fell into place. Her expertise and dedication were instrumental in creating a seamless and stress-free wedding day for the couple.

The stunning sunset casting a warm glow over the Venue by Three Petals gardens.

Lalaine and Michael Moreira, the officiants, sharing a heartfelt moment.

The ceremony was officiated by Lalaine and Michael Moreira, adding a spiritual and personal touch to the union. Their warmth and eloquence made the vows even more meaningful, creating a truly magical moment for the couple.

The groom, wearing a stylish boutonniere crafted by Casey Pham.

@vansbakerybrookhurst provided the sweet ending to the celebration with this elegant wedding cake.

The wedding cake from Van's Bakery, a sweet centerpiece for the celebration.

Matt, the charismatic MC, engaging guests with his announcements.

We got to add an extra element of fun with our D. PARK STUDIOS photo booth, allowing guests to create lasting memories in a playful way. The booth captured candid moments, adding a touch of spontaneity to the wedding album.

The bride, groom, and officiants Lalaine and Michael Moreira sharing a laugh.

@949studio kept the energy high and the dance floor alive with their curated playlist. Michael’s skillful mixing and crowd engagement ensured that the celebration continued well into the night. Guiding the evening with charisma and enthusiasm, Matt kept the festivities flowing smoothly. His announcements and interactions added a personalized touch to the wedding reception.

The elegant interior of Venue by Three Petals, setting the mood for the celebration.

The couple's first dance, a moment filled with grace and emotion.

DJ Michael of 949 Studio keeping the dance floor alive with energetic beats.

highlight film


Congratulations to Elaine and David for their beautiful and heartwarming wedding! We’re so happy to have met you and gotten to celebrate your special day. Thank you for your kindness and care. May the Lord richly bless your future together, darlings!

A close-up of the beautiful floral arrangements by Casey Pham.

With love,


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