From high school sweethearts to husband and wife, the creators and the “D” in D. PARK STUDIOS are David and Drexelle Park.  

Their son Knightly was born with Down syndrome, Apraxia and Epilepsy.  Through all he has faced, it has transformed us.  

We value every person, every story.  We want to build inclusive community and authentic connection in this world.  We want to bless others to not just love the footage, but love the experience.


We direct the experience.  And we absolutely love what we do.

As Photo Directors, we connect you with photographers and filmmakers who are the best, who specialize in their specific media, and who have the same heart that we do.  And we direct our crew to create visually striking imagery and beloved experiences.

Featured by TIME Magazine, Disney, New York Magazine and over 150 publications around the world, D. PARK STUDIOS has been named World’s Best Wedding Photographers by Junebug Weddings and one of the Top Published Photographers by Two Bright Lights.

Based in Orange County, CA, our mission is to help others:


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